Please join us

During the past year the Board has been contacting St Charles County and the Cities of Lake St Louis and Dardenne Prairie about the rapid water flow entering from property that is east of the back entrance intersection of Pleasant Meadow Dr and Hanley Rd. Each time we have been rejected because the consider that a Natural Flow of Water. We disagree and so do the residents on Silent Brook Ct. Water coming from the east side of Hanley Rd that flows underneath Hanley Rd and dumps onto the back yards of some of the residents on Silent Brook Ct.
The City of Dardenne Prairie have posted that a hearing is being held by them to approve zoning changes to build housing on the east side of Hanley. This is our chance to make sure that this development will change the natural flow and they can make the developer to make sure that our problem is resolved. We need to influence the Zoning Board to make sure that stipulations be put on that property before it can will be approved. We need to show up at the Nov 10th Planning and Zoning Meeting and then the Nov 17th Board of Alderman Meeting. Please read the attachment.

David Zeiser